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[Digital Distribution] EPUB FILE : QUANTUM ENLIGHTENMENT - E-book ($20)

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  ※ 1,100 JPY is approximately 10 dollars. ※ Payment method PayPal / VISA / Master / American Express / Diners / JCB -- Quantum Enlightenment is the crown jewel of all the books written by Bob Fickes. This book clearly describes Enlightenment from both ancient wisdom and modern science. It will open your eyes and transform your consciousness. Table Of Contents : ・Introduction to Quantum Enlightenment ・Chapter1 - What is Enlightenment? ・Chapter2 - Stages of the Evolution of Consciousness ・Chapter3 - Exploring Deeper Levels of Perception ・Chapter4 - Vision of Possibilities ・Chapter5 - What Happens in Meditation:       Exploring Quantum Consciousness ・Chapter6 - Quantum Waves of Dharma ・Chapter7 - The Quantum Field of Enlightenment ・Chapter8 - Mind Over Matter

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