[ONLINE VIDEO] ※Without Puja - Shiva Sutras Study Program #001 ($91)
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[ONLINE VIDEO] ※Without Puja - Shiva Sutras Study Program #001 ($91)

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  ※ 日本語Ver. はこちらです。 https://bob-fickes.stores.jp/items/60d8748891260a2ceaf6abcd   ※ 10,000 JPY is approximately 91 dollars.   ※ Payment method PayPal / VISA / Master / American Express / Diners / JCB -- [ONLINE VIDEO] Shiva Sutras Study Program #001 The Shiva Sutras reveal how this Universe and all its details can be known. It is the story of how Shakti arises out of the Empty Silence of Ku. The Shiva Sutras are the most powerful and most clear exposition on the Nature of Enlightenment that I have ever seen anywhere in the world of Knowledge. We will study the Shiva Sutras in the same manner as we studied the Soma Mandala (Ninth Mandala of the Rig Veda). The Shiva Sutras study program will deepen our Enlightenment in Universal Awareness (Ku) and develop greater precision in our ability to master our Ki. This work complements what we are learning with Narasimha, Krishna and Rainbow Light Body. The Ganesh Mantra is also the first step to studying the Shiva Sutras. Everything we are doing now will lift us out of the mud into the Light. Like the Lotus that rises out of the mud and blossoms in the Light of the Sun, so too does our True Nature in Enlightenment rise out of the mud of the Pandemic into the Sunshine of the New Age of Enlightenment and Rainbow Light Body Ascension.   -- Scriptures: "Shiva Sutras" 1st Awakening 1-10 ・Translated by Swami Lakshman Joo Maharaj ・Commentaries by Pavel Celba, Translated by Svatoplu Svobada