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[Digital Distribution] MP3 ZIP FILE : DEEP MEDITATION - Meditation CD ($20)

2,200 JPY

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※ 2,200 JPY is approximately 20 dollars. ※ Payment method PayPal / VISA / Master / American Express / Diners / JCB -- DEEP MEDITATION - 空の深淵 with TOSHI KOJIMA and BOB FICKES Deep Meditation will give you the most powerful meditation experience you have ever had! Toshi is a gifted musician with wooden flute, singing bowls and didgeridoo as the foundation for powerful Mantra chanting from world renowned Teacher of Meditation Bob Fickes. Just listen and enjoy an amazing experience. Nothing to do. Nothing to learn. It’s all automatic! -- Originally there were 2 songs in 1 CD : 01: Awakening to infinite consciousnes (about 30 minutes)  (無限意識への目覚) 02: TAM TARE TUTTARE (about 30 minutes) ※ By listening to this CD, you can easily experience deep meditation. After securing time to sit with your eyes closed for only one song a day (about 30 minutes), listen to music Surrender to the flow of mantras and music during meditation. Everything happens naturally. You don't have to concentrate trying to meditate. You don't have to try or force yourself. Just surrender to what happens. Mantras and music naturally lead to deep meditation. Sit with your eyes closed for five minutes after the music ends. That way, you can come out of the meditation slowly and naturally. If you come out of meditation too early, your body can be startled. So take your time and come out of your meditation. Do not listen to this CD while driving or operating machinery. Please be careful.

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