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[English Digital Distribution] MP3 ZIP FILE : 6 QUANTUM INITIATIONS ($94)

9,900 JPY

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  ※ 9,900 JPY is approximately 94 dollars. ※ Payment method PayPal / VISA / Master / American Express / Diners / JCB -- ※ This item needs a Password to open the ZIP file. We will send the Password to you by email after we receive your order. -- Six Quantum Initiations To Develop the I AM Presence AEolus & Pallas Athena Channeled by Bob Fickes Listen to each CD(MP3) in sequence. Each CD contains a specific Initiation and empowerment. Do not listen out of sequence, until you have successfully completed all six Initiations! Work with only one CD per week! Each Initiation will activate a specific series of changes within you. Take as much time as you need! When you feel the activation is complete and are ready to move on, then begin the next CD of the series. The longer you work with each Initiation before proceeding to the next, the more information will be absorbed. The Meditations should be listened to in a comfortable chair where you will not be interrupted. Sit with your feet on the floor to ground you, and your eyes closed. Do not listen to the CD while driving. This is a deep spiritual Initiation and should be recognized as stimulating Inner Awareness and awakening new Divine Inner Patterning. Other activities will be counter productive during this time. The Masters AEolus & Pallas Athena will share with you an experience that will change your life! They will Initiate you into the eternal wisdom of the Mighty I AM Presence. The experiences contained on these CDs have not been available on Earth until now. AEolus & Pallas Athena are present with you while you are receiving the Initiations and instructions on these CDs. The experiences therefore will be very powerful and need some time to integrate. Each CD has been divided into two sections for you to experience: Side One (No.1) contains powerful instructions designed to penetrate deep inside you and stimulate the I AM Presence (your true Core Self). The words of each Initiation are surcharged with I Am power to activate the specific results of that Initiation. These activations occur without your needing to understand the material. Your understanding will increase as your perception is altered by the repeated listening of each CD in the series. Side Two (No.2) contains a programmed meditation designed to take you into the various phases of the I AM Core Self and causal body for each area of development in the sequence. Once again you do not need to understand this process, just relax and receive! This is an initiation and guided attunement to fields of awareness beyond the human intellect. You will understand more in feeling than in mind. 1 Initiation into the I AM Presence for Self Mastery and Self-Empowerment (No.1 & No.2) 2 Initiation with the Light of Truth to Heal the Emotional Body (No.1 & No.2) 3 Initiation for Strengthening the Mind with Nuclear Presence (No.1 & No.2) 4 Initiation to Transform the DNA and Heal the Physical Body (No.1 & No.2) 5 Initiation to Create Abundance and Prosperity from all the Elements of the Universe (No.1 & No.2) 6 Initiation for the Planetary Healing of Mother Earth (No.1 & No.2)

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